“लोग कहते है ,

सपने उतने देखो जितनी हो औकात 

पर मैं कहती हूँ

सपने उतने देखो जितनी हो प्यास”

                                                                                                 INTRODUCE   MYSELF

  • Let me introduce myself to you formally –

My name is Sneha Singh. I am very passionate about technology.

I have formal education as an engineer. And by profession, I am also a blogger.

I was born on December 9 in 1995 in a small village in Bihar.

Parents introduction –

  • Now I tell you about my family –

My mother’s name is Vinita Singh and my father’s name is Mr. Umesh Pratap Singh.

My mother is a housewife by profession and my father is a businessman.

I   have one younger brother in our family and one is my elder sister who is married.And I also have a grandmother in our family.


I had my primary education in a village.I studied till the tenth from the village itself, after this I moved to Benaras, from where I completed the 11th and 12th.

Since childhood, I was very fond of learning computers.

And fond of knowing new things every day.


I completed my graduation from a college in Varanasi.

I told you earlier that I was very interested in computers, because of this, I took admission in BCA(Bachelor of Computer Science).

I did not understand college’s study at all in the early days.

Slowly I started to understand everything.

As soon as college was over, I moved to Noida to hang out with friends.

Some of my friends already worked there

Seeing those people, I also wished that I too get a job in Noida.


In 2018, I interviewed a call center in Noida

I got selected there and I started working

After two months, I hated that job because I used to be burdened with so much work that I could not concentrate on my remaining work.

When I sleep at night, the only thing that comes to mind is What I did to do a job in a call center.

At that time Noida was completely unknown to me.

I was not so good with anyone that I would help them.

Sometimes I used to go home and continue my studies

Then there was another thing in the mind that even after further studies, I have to do a job, so why should I not do the job right now?

I started looking for a job. It is a matter of one day I was returning after interviewing at a company.

As soon as I sat in the auto, a child came to me and stood with some paper pages in his hand. He gave me a page

I took that page and kept it with me

When I reached my hostel, I opened the page and saw

The name of a small software company was written on that page, at that time there was hiring for web development

The next day I went to interview there and I was selected there

I loved working there because that work was tied to my field.

The people there were also very nice and used to help me a lot.

I worked there for 1 year.


one day when I was working in the office, seeing my work, my senior said how long Sneha will keep doing this private job, I will give you an idea, and the same day I heard the blogging world.

He told me about Harsh Agarwal sir that day

Now I got Crazy for blogging and started focusing on harsh sir’s  blog

Now I used to read 2 blogs of Harsh sir every day.

Now I wanted to start my own blog, I talked to my seniors about this, they helped me a lot in this.

Today, I have a blog that I started a few months ago.

“I wish that one day I too should become one of the top bloggers in India”

This was the journey of my life so far.